About Us


3F Technology is not just a Business Process Outsourcing provider but also a reliable partner who promises to make valuable difference to its client's business. Enhancing our partner's competitive advantage and profitability is our aim. We offer our partners a medley of cost effective, flexible and viable solutions, we promise you significant cost savings, and improvement and maintenance of the quality of service delivery. Combining extensive capabilities in technology with extensive domain expertise, we deliver seamless solutions that bring tangible business value to organizations around the world.

We are global business process outsourcing company with deep industry and business process knowledge, a partnership approach and comprehensive service offerings that enable us to deliver business value to all the leading and growing companies. We are very finely weaves across services through the customer life cycle.

BPO space has helped us expand our business proposition in both inbound and outbound process management services. With our unswerving focus on client satisfaction and a keen eye for innovation, we have successfully partnered our clients in expanding their business, both vertically and horizontally.

Our Mission

Mission :

Our Mission to contribute to the success of organizations world-wide.

Vision :

Our Vision is to become the world-class organization.

Values :

We satisfy the unique business needs of our clients by adopting a customized..,

Our Philosophy

3F Technology is a global services company offering business and knowledge processing services to organizations seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and lower operating costs.
Our services reduce your costs. Whenever you have one of your highly skilled and hard to recruit employee doing something that doesn't require all their skills you are paying extra for those skills for tasks that simply do not justify the extra cost.
We go on extra mile to work as part of your existing processes,The return on your investment is rapid and assured, because we've already made the investment in our infrastructure.

Our Skills

UI Design 80%
Branding 70%
JavaScript 65%
HTML5 & CSS3 95%
WordPress 80%